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The goal and purpose of the Community Access Project for Eureka is to provide access to resources and quality of life programs and opportunities for all members of the community regardless of their living situation or income.

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The Community Access Project for Eureka (C.A.P.E.) is a City of Eureka division within the City Manager's Department.

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Access to housing, employment opportunities, quality-of-life programming and other resources are vital components for the success of a healthy community. C.A.P.E. strives to serve populations including the houseless, low-income and otherwise disadvantaged, who experience access barriers such as unstable housing, lack of transportation and financial instability. C.A.P.E. has developed innovative programs and established successful partnerships with local organizations who serve target demographics. These programs and partnerships work toward the mission of providing access to opportunities for ALL members of our community, ultimately enhancing their quality of life and empowering the community collectively.

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