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The Community Access Project for Eureka is a project of the City of Eureka Community Services Department that provides access to quality of life programs and opportunities for all members of our community regardless of their living situation or income.   

The goal and purpose of the Eureka Community Services Department is to provide a high quality of life to the residents and members of the Eureka Community.

Recreation programming is a vital component for the success of a healthy community. Recreation programs have continuously proven to increase participants' quality of life through social development, improved health, crime prevention, and an increase in having a sense of community.

Through a continued assessment of needs, CAPE has empowered Eureka Community Services to work together with partnering agencies to provide new opportunities and unique quality of life programming to houseless, low-income and otherwise disadvantaged members of the community.  These programs are offered at Eureka Community Services facilities, or new programming is taken and executed directly at locations where the population in need resides.  

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