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Barriers within our community

The goal and purpose of Eureka Community Services is to provide a high quality of life to the residents and members of the Eureka Community.

Recreation programming is a vital component for the success of a healthy community. Recreation programs have continuously proven to increase participants' quality of life through social development, improved health, crime prevention, and an increase in having a sense of community.

While Eureka Community Services provides thousands of members of the community with high quality of life programming each year, there are populations who are not being reached. 


These populations include:

Houseless Population: Eureka has one of the highest number of homeless individuals per capita in the United States.  In addition, there are currently 1,191 students in Humboldt County who are classified as homeless under McKinney-Vento Act.


Low-Income: 21% of Eureka’s population lives below the poverty line.

Foster Youth: There are currently 204 youth who are currently placed in the Foster Care System in the county.

These populations experience access barriers that include inconsistent living situations, lack of transportation and financial instability. These access barriers prohibit a population whose participation in valuable programming, could not only greatly enhance their quality of life as individuals, but also empower the community collectively.

A Strategic Solution to Breaking Access Barriers

In response to this need to create access to quality of life programming to those who need it, Eureka Community Services developed The Community Access Project for Eureka (C.A.P.E).

C.A.P.E. empowers Eureka Community Services to offer no to low barrier access to participants referred by partnering agencies, providing scholarships to Eureka Community Services programming, as well as creates new opportunities and unique quality of life programming that directly meets the needs of the populations served by its partnering agencies.  These programs are offered at Eureka Community Services facilities, or new programming is taken and executed directly at locations where the population in need resides. 



How C.A.P.E. Works….

Learn about how C.A.P.E. provides Scholarships
Learn about how C.A.P.E. Provides Transportation
Learn about how C.A.P.E. Provides Programming

Our Partners

Family Nature Club

The organizations that we choose to partner with have demonstrated a community-centered approach, and serve individuals and family that have demonstrated a very real need.  They are some of the best in the community at serving our community and empowering the individuals and families in need.

By partnering & working directly with organizations serving targeted demographics, Eureka Community Services has taken the lead in connecting the missing pieces that provide access to opportunities for all members of our community regardless of their living situation or income.