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Our Work

C.A.P.E. partners and works directly with community agencies to assess the evolving needs of disadvantaged populations, in order to address access barriers head on. In this effort, C.A.P.E. focuses on three primary areas:

Quality of Life Programming


Through a continued assessment of needs, C.A.P.E. works with partnering agencies to provide new opportunities and unique quality of life programming that directly meets the needs of the populations served by its partnering agencies.

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Homeless Services  (Uplift Eureka)


Uplift Eureka is a program within C.A.P.E that supports community members experiencing homelessness in accessing vital community resources to obtain housing and employment. This is achieved through Uplift’s Housing Assistance Program, employment programming, community outreach and resource navigation assistance. Uplift Eureka believes in every individual’s capacity for positive change, and programs are designed to work in tandem ensuring individuals can access needed resources to empower themselves to a better quality of life.

Uplift Eureka Homeless Outreach Workers

Employment Programming


C.A.P.E. is dedicated to providing community members with the support and guidance needed to gain stable employment. The Job Skills Training Program and the Pathway to Payday Employment Workshop Series help individuals overcome barriers and build the skills necessary to enter the workforce.

Pathway to Payday Interview
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Our Partners

C.A.P.E. has established successful partnerships with local organizations who serve target demographics, allowing us to better serve our community and execute programs directly at partner agency locations. The organizations that we choose to partner with have demonstrated a community-centered approach, and serve individuals and families facing real need.  

Betty Chinn Logo

The City of Eureka provides ongoing financial support to the Betty Kwan Chinn Homeless Foundation to provide food, shelter and case management services to families and individuals experiencing homelessness. Uplift Eureka and the Eureka Police Department's CSET program partner with the Betty Kwan Chinn Foundation to provide residents of Eureka who are experiencing homelessness with access to employment and housing opportunities.

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