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You don't need super powers to be a hero... just a  

Eureka League of Heroes
Class of 2022

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The Community Access Project for Eureka is not budgeted as part of the City's general fund, nor is it a separate non-profit organization. C.A.P.E. operates majorly on grant funding, fundraisers and outside donations.

The Eureka League of Heroes was created to provide a platform for individuals, businesses and organizations to contribute to C.A.P.E. mission of providing valuable programming for community members in need.

Join The Eureka League of Heroes 

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100% of your donation goes directly towards covering the cost of providing access to programming to disadvantaged members of the community.

By joining the Eureka League of Heroes, you are providing a contribution that goes directly towards making a tangible difference in our community. Helping our most vulnerable community members truly makes you a hero!


Whether you are in a position to donate one dollar, one hundred, or one thousand, every cent you contribute matters, because 100% of the donations we receive are directly applied to cover the costs of our quality-of-life programming.

Please call 707-672-2253 for more information.

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