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Welcome to our last episode of Eureka Entrepreneur until the next year. Alanna sits down with Pen and Pine's own Jenna Catsos. Jenna talks about her life growing up in an artistic household in Massachusetts and her move to this side of the coast. Enjoy the episode, see you all next year!


Here is a link to Jenna's website.


Oysters! Oysters! Oyster! Alanna sits down with “Business of the Month” winner, Captain Sebastian from Humboldt Bay Provisions. Sit back and enjoy the conversation between Alanna and the Captain as they discuss humble beginnings, tourism, the bay, and oysters of course!


This very special episode of “Eureka Entrepreneur” features local Eureka legend John Salizzoni.  Salizzoni has nearly five decades of experience in the restaurant business.  CAPE Media sits down with Salizzoni to talk about how he got his start in the Virgin Islands, shares stories from behind the bar along the way to becoming an entrepreneur, talks about being the boss of Roy’s Club, and gives some advice to aspiring entrepreneurs.


Welcome to a very special episode of Eureka Entrepreneur. You’ll hear the fun as Alanna walks through Eureka’s Friday Night Market as she interviews locals and venders. The Friday Night Market features a North Coast Growers Association Farmer's Market, local craft market, food trucks, and a Humboldt Made bar booth. With live music and entertainment every week, this is quickly becoming treasured community event.


This month on “Eureka Entrepreneur,” special guest host Sierra Jenkins interviews local beloved neighborhood tavern “Dave’s Place” owner Lissa Danielson.  We learn about how Lissa went from behind the bar to being the boss, and why community is such an important aspect of “Dave’s Place.”


Welcome to episode #4 of “Eureka Entrepreneur with Alanna Powell”. Alanna sits down with H.A. Pearson to talk about H.A.’s fantastic shop, The Bodega in Old Town Eureka. They talk about her clothing line NOTHING OBVIOUS, her amazing taste in art and artist as well as her adorable dog, Olive. So sit back  and enjoy.


With regular host Alanna out sick, producers Brian and Joe, try their best to sub in and conduct an interview with renowned Eureka Entrepreneur Mark Carter.  Join us as Mark walks us through his career spanning over four decades, covering his successful entrepreneurial journey from the Carter House Inn, Hotel Carter and Restaurant 301, Carter Cellars Wine, Envy Winery and the Old Carter Whiskey Company.  If you’re interested in entrepreneurship, you don’t want to miss this episode!


In our second episode of “Eureka Entrepreneur”, Alanna sits down with Tracy Dorgan of the newly opened Arts and Drafts in Old Town Eureka. Sit and listen while they discuss the adventures of opening up a new business and becoming a new entrepreneur in Old Town Eureka.


In the debut episode of Eureka Entrepreneur, Alanna sits down with Fred Moore, Dave Tierney and Michael McCay from Humboldt Craft Spirits, and they discuss the path from bankers to distillers, what inspired the company, lessons learned along the way, the story behind the name “Blue Lake Vodka,” how they manage balancing their day jobs with running a company, the process for their award winning spirits, and much, much more!

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