Family Nature Club

The Family Nature Club seeks to create meaningful one-on-one interactions between parents and children, while fostering cooperative play and a connection to nature. One Saturday a month, families will meet with the Nature Play Instructor for a 90-minute guided session through the Sequoia Park Zoo and surrounding redwood forest. Children and adults will dig for creepy crawlies, collect materials to build animal homes, and discover the wonders of the natural world around them.
The Family Nature Club offers low-income or under-served families in Eureka a unique opportunity to visit the Sequoia Park Zoo and participate in an intimate, nature-based community program. The FNC aims to create lasting family connections while fostering a sense of wonder and respect for wildlife and wild places. The Nature Play Instructor strives to teach parents how to facilitate unstructured nature play, engage in observation and discovery with their children, and seek our future outdoor experiences.