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Sequoia Park

Beginning April 2023

 Thursdays 3-6 pm

Transportation available

For more information and to register contact Christophe Haskell:
(707) 382-5338
Nature Quest Participants

Nature Quest

Nature Quest is a free, wilderness immersion program for adults in Humboldt County. NQ offers unique, guided wilderness experiences that cultivates mental and physical wellbeing.

Drawing from earth centered traditions and the field of Ecopsychology, NQ is designed to guide participants into a healthy connection with one's self and the natural world, while learning from each other in community.

Join us as we explore the trails, share
mindfulness practices, group conversation and other eco-therapeutic activities

NQ is free and open to all! Space is limited. Please pre-register.

Nature Quest

More information

What to bring: a snack, water, good walking shoes, extra layer and journal and pen (optional).

Physical fitness requirements: must be able to walk at least 1/4 mile or have a wheelchair.

Where: Headwaters Forest Reserve


What is Ecopsychology?  

Ecopsychology is an interdisciplinary field that recognizes the interrelation of the human psyche and the more than human world. Since the dawning of the industrial age there has grown an increasing disconnect between humans and their ecology, the result being a sense of isolation and disconnect between one's pysche and environment. This isolation is not natural. We find with this separation we've lost integral components of our own psyche and spirit. Ecopsychology is a practice of healing, or wholing this fragmentation and reclaiming one's birth rite as an indigenous being in the larger collective.

Nature Quest
Nature Quest Facilitators

About the Facilitators

Christophe Haskell is a mentor and wilderness guide. His passion is the re-wilding of the human psyche. He does this by weaving depth psychology, mindfulness practices and energy work into his guiding. He has been leading young men in rites of passage journeys since 2018.  He holds an MA in East-West Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies,  has trained as a guide with Wilderness Reflections, and is certified in Daoist Light Qi Gong.

Stefanie Burnham a mentor and guide for those who are on a personal development journey. She creates spaces where others can connect with their emotions, creative gifts, values, and higher perspectives. Her educational background includes an MA in East-West Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies with a specialization in Ecoresilience and Transformative Leadership.

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