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It's the October episode of TMIER. Ashley and Scott share a few laughs together as they talk about the "Arts and Culture Festival", rain, art and culture. This episode is a nice warm hug to Eureka. No spoilers, so we'll see you in January.

Welcome to the September episode. Scott and Ashley speak with Robin Praszker about the big “Eureka Arts and Culture Festival” happening on the 29th of September. If you’ve been listening to this series since January, this marks Robin’s 3rd appearance on the show. Which means she’ll receive a set of steak knives from the fine folks at the Ginsu Corporation! Just kidding. We don’t have that kinda pull with Ginsu…yet. Enjoy!

Ah, it’s August and that can only mean one thing. Its the month after the gigantic, colossal extravaganza known as GET OUT AND PLAY DAY! We have three great segments for your earholes to listen to. In our first segment,  Ashley sits down to a fireside chat with our fearless leader Miles Slattery about his humble beginnings. Sit back and listen to Ashley and Scott ease back into their monthly routine of informing us all on what’s going on for this month. No spoilers or anything,   but someone rides a zip line and someone else may or may not change their last name by the end of the month.

Welcome to another episode of “This Month In Eureka Rec”! Welp, its July and that can only mean one thing. (Hold for silence). You were going to say “Fireworks” weren’t you? That’s ok, but there’s an even bigger event heading for us. The 5th Annual “Get Out And Play Day”! ZUMBA in the park? Skate Competition? Scavenger Hunt in Old Town? BBQ and a Movie in the Park, oh my!? That’s only scratching the surface. Scott “Q” Marcus and special co-host guest Robin Praszker sit down with Community Services staff Emily and Ari about the “Beast of An Event” known as “Get Out And Play Day.”

Hello! Its June, and you know what that means? Big news, exciting news even. No spoilers here, so you’re just going to have to listen. Ashley and Scott sit down with a very special guest, Assistant Recreation Coordinator Sam Frank. They discuss Sam’s humble beginnings starting out as a coach for the summer basketball program, Camp N.E.T. to now scheduling new and exciting events for the historical Muni (Municipal Auditorium). Ashley and Scott also talk about the big “Get Out and Play Day” extravaganza on July 28th!

In this episode, Ashley and Scott talk about the upcoming Pickle ball tournament. They also sit down and speak with Recreation Activities Coordinator, Shannon Fazio about her humble beginnings, as well as her role in the City’s upcoming Summer Camp Program. They also preview all things coming up in May! So sit back and relax!

WOW! I can’t believe its the 4th Episode of “This Month In Eureka Rec”! Time sure does fly doesn’t it? Anyways?Our Dynamic Duo Ashley Taylor and Scott “Q” Marcus sit down and talk to not one but two Robins. “Two Robins?!” You say. That’s right true believer, they sit down and chat with Eureka Community Services Administrative Assistant, Robin Praszker about the upcoming “Get Out And Play Day”. Part 2 of episode 4 Ashley and Scott talk to E.C.O. Eureka’s own Robin Praszker to discuss all things “Eco-y”?if you will. So sit back, relax and laugh and enjoy.

In this month’s episode of “This Month In Eureka”, Ashley and Scott sit down and talk about the upcoming events in March. Ashley also sits down and talks with Betty Chinn from the Betty Kwan Chinn Day Center about the Pathway To Payday job workshop series. Enjoy.

Our show kicks off with a special segment featuring a round table discussion on the making of the new Waterfront Trail Documentary and accompanying premiere event.  In the regular portion of the show, Scott and Ashley talk about the event in detail, then interview Project Manager Brian Millett on how these podcasts came to be, and run down all the events, classes and programs happening in February.

Have you ever wondered what goes into putting together city wide community events, sports leagues and programs?  Is our job really anything like the Parks & Recreation TV show? Well, now you can find out.  Join Recreation Supervisor Ashley Taylor, along with co-host Scott “Q” Marcus, as they give you a behind the scenes peek at what goes into creating community wide recreation programs, as well as give a preview and details of all the upcoming activities and events each month.

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