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In the final episode for 2018, Scott ‘Q’ Marcus interviews Chaplain Carl Magruder of Resolution Care. Chaplain Magruder, a non-denominational spiritual leader, and Scott, engage in a free-wheeling and long-ranging talk on everything from ‘What is Mortality?’ to ‘Are computers sentient?’ From his experience in dealing with hundreds of people facing their last moments, he talks about what he’s learned, who has inspired him, whether we exist beyond this material level, and even whether or not death of our existence. This is not a talk about religion, but more about the connection each of us to the universe as a whole.


In this month’s episode, Scott ‘Q’ Marcus interviews Dr. Michael Fratkin, M.D., the president and founder of Resolution Care, a non-profit company bringing capable and compassionate care to everyone everywhere in the face of serious illness. Dr. Fratkin, in a warm and reassuring manner, speaks warmly, yet frankly, of his experiences helping countless individuals and families make important and end-of-life decisions. He discusses the biggest misconceptions about dying, relays powerful stories, and passes along some of the most significant lessons he has picked up caring for hundreds of people during their most difficult periods. Despite what might be an initial reaction of avoiding an uncomfortable topic, you will find it not only to be educational, but comforting, and even somewhat uplifting.

In this month’s episode of, Scott and Kim interview Frank, who started on wine and drugs when his parents introduced them to him at the age of 5 or 6. From there, Frank “graduated” to harder drugs and became violent. He talks about how – after several setbacks – he found his way to sobriety and has turned his life around. You’ll want to listen to this inspirational interview.

In case you wondered why Scott “Q” Marcus and Kim Bergel were chosen to host this monthly motivational podcast, you’ll start to find out in this episode where Kim interviews Scott on how he was picked to be the host. You’ll also find out about how to get past large barriers to change, why the word “should” is harmful to your success, how to deal with the invisible committee of “they” who are always telling you that you’re not good enough, and how to be more compassionate with yourself when you’re changing a barrier (as well as why that matters). It’s a light-hearted fun interview that will not only inspire you but give you tools to improve your own willpower and get past what’s holding you back.

This month’s episode of This Time I Mean It takes a different tact. Instead of listening to others who have overcome obstacles, Scott “Q” Marcus has a free-wheeling discussion and interview with someone who motivates him, Pablo Aguilar. Pablo, a fitness trainer, kinesiologist, entrepreneur, and someone who helps many others make changes to improve their lives, talks about why people don’t change even though they know they need to. He and Scott discuss fear as a motivator and a deterrent to better habits, how your thoughts control your motivation and actions, and finding support when trying to change. In the end, they provide practical, simple-to-use steps to make changes in your life. If you’ve tried to get more fit, lose weight, or change other habits and you’ve given up before reaching your goal, this segment is perfect for you.

In this episode, Scott ‘Q’ Marcus and co-host, Kim Bergel, interview Jim, who started drinking before he was a teenager. His path eventually led him to drinking and smoking weed, and stealing alcohol in order to support his behavior. After his marriage ended and his father died, Jim hit one in a series of rock-bottoms, and due to a serious conversation with a family member and the support of a group, found his way to sobriety. Now 59 years old and sober for six years, Jim’s story is very powerful; a must-hear for anyone who has doubted his or her ability to change.

Endometriosis is a painful disease that affects one out of every 10 women in the country. Lisa talks about how she discovered she had it, gave some symptoms for other women who might be experiencing it, and what to do about it.

Hello listeners! Welcome to Episode 3 of “This Time I Mean It” with Scott “Q” Marcus. In this very special episode we are introduced to our co-host Kim Bergel (Woohoo). They sit down to talk to their guest Kristine, about her story and her two years of sobriety. Kristine’s story is very profound. Its okay to bring a Kleenex to this episode, for the sad tears and the happy tears. Please enjoy!

Born to an unwed mother; adopted by an abusive family at 2 1/2 years old where she was beaten, hit, and almost killed several times; she ran away at 16 and ended up in jail. Lived with foster parents until she was 18 where she set out on her own, seeking to fill a “hole” within. Reverend Angelica tells her story in coming from an environment where she was unwanted and abused to finding peace within. She passes along advice on how others can do the same.

Drug addiction, weight gain, relationship problems….we’re all trying our best to be our best self and get past the things that are holding us back.  Motivational Speaker, Author and columnist, Scott “Q” Marcus brings his decades of experience to Eureka to talk to community members about their stories of trying to overcome adversity, achieve their goals and get past the painful behaviors that hold them back.  This is…This Time I Mean It! The podcast.

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