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You don't need super power's to be a hero...just a  

The Community Access Project for Eureka is not budgeted as part of the City's general fund, nor is it a separate non-profit organization. C.A.P.E. operates solely on outside donations.

Eureka Community Services has formed the Eureka League of Heroes to provide a platform for individuals, businesses and organizations to make a contribution to enable C.A.P.E. to provide valuable programming for community members in need.

Thanks to the generous fundraising efforts and donations from the businesses and organizations that make up the Eureka League of Heroes, C.A.P.E. has been able to provide scholarships, transportation and valuable recreational programming and services to over 1,000 (and counting!) members of our community. 

Eureka League of Heroes

Class of 2017

Join The Eureka League of Heroes 

100% of your donation goes directly towards covering the cost of providing access to programming to disadvantaged members of the community.

By joining the Eureka League of Heroes, you are providing a contribution that goes directly towards making a tangible difference in our community, because without your contribution, there is no program---and that makes you hero quality. 

Whether you are in a position to donate one dollar, one hundred, or one thousand, every cent you contribute matters, because 100% of the donations we receive are directly applied to cover the costs of staff, supplies and scholarships.

To find out about how to fund raise, donate as an organization, or to sponsor a specific program, please call              707-672-2253. 

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